Photography Competition

Alongside the film competition, the Wild Film Fest Photography Competition opens up the festival to a wider audience of media creators, hosting a gallery of remarkable images captured and created by skilled student photographers. This year the competition is split into 4 categories: Wildscape, Animal Portrait, Smartphone, and Conservation.

habitatWildscapes: From giant sweeping landscapes to ants crawling over a mushroom, this category is for images that display the vast array of habitats that life exists in on both a small and large scale. From wide angle shots of a woodland over rolling hills to a macro photograph of rock shrimp navigating between giant anemones and coral arches, we want images portraying the areas in which organisms live and how extreme and diverse these can be.


behaviourAnimal Portrait: Often we take photographs of animals featuring in the wider landscape but close up portraits can give us the best insight into their true personalities. Images capturing the close up nature of an individual animal would be prime candidates for this category, though multiple animals can feature if you believe it still represents a portrait shot.The main focus of the picture should be the animal rather than the wider area it is in.


Conservation: Many people who work with wildlife are involved in conservation and this category is a chance to showcase conservation work from across the globe. This is the only category in which photographs of people are permitted if working in conservation, though many will still not feature people. Examples could include the reasons for conservation such as poaching, the process of conservation being carried out and their outcomes.


smartphoneSmartphone: At Wild film Fest we know not everyone has the top of the line equipment, and it can be disheartening going out birding with a smartphone only to see a photographer wielding a lens reminiscent of a medieval cannon, and that might be more at home attached to a spy satellite. We firmly believe that taking great pictures and having expensive cameras is not the same, as Chase Jarvis once said “The best camera is the one you have with you”, and we run this category to emphasise our belief in that. Any pictures of nature/wildlife taken on a smartphone are eligible, but please, no saved snapchats.

For information about the rules and conditions of entering the competition and how to submit, please click here