Film Competition: Rules and Conditions

1. Entry

a. There is no entry fee for submissions

b. Submissions must be accompanied by a complete entry form.

c. A maximum of 3 film submissions is permitted for each filmmaker, and each must have separate entry forms.

d. Submissions must be entirely the work of the individual(s) stated on the entry form.

e. All submissions must be received by 11:59pm on February 17th 2018. Films submitted after this time may be refused.

f. Submissions should be full HD (1080p) quality. Any higher quality will be unplayable at the festival and must be reduced before submission.


2. Eligibility

a. Submissions must have a total running time of no more than 20 minutes, including credits.

b. To be considered for the ‘Best Wildlife Short’ award, submissions must have a total running time of no more than 3 minutes, including credits.

c. Filmmakers must have been studying at a UK educational institute at the time the film was started.

d. All films must have been completed after 1st January 2016.

d. Filmmakers should not have acquired any financial gain through the making of the film.

e. The festival committee reserves the right to determine the eligibility and refuse entry of any film for any reason.


3. Judging

a. Results of the competition will be announced at the festival on 17th March 2018.

b. Due to the high number of applications, the festival is unable to provide judging feedback.

c. The judging panel may disqualify any film for any reason, without feedback.


4. Marketing

a. Wild Film Fest reserves the right to reproduce, change and use all material submitted for the non-commercial purposes of the festival.

b. Details of the filmmakers may be shared in our marketing and promotion


If you agree to the above rules and conditions, then please download the entry form here – 2018 WFF Film Competition Entry Form

Please submit your entries by emailing with a direct link to a video file, (i.e using Dropbox or WeTransfer) alongside the completed entry form. You will receive an email confirmation once an entry has been successfully submitted.