Film Competition

The main focus of Wild Film Fest is celebrating the fantastic skill demonstrated by student filmmakers across the UK, and during the course of the evening, we will be showcasing the very best of our entries on the big screen! This year’s film competition is split into the following four categories:  Wildlife on your doorstep, Sustainability & Conservation, and Adventure.


Wildlife on your doorstep: In this category, we are looking for entrants to capture the brilliant biodiversity of wildlife in your local area or at a minimum in Britain.  Entrants to this category are tasked with capturing a location or particular species or wildlife event that they feel particularly close to and passionate about. This could be the simple wildlife in your local park or garden to the yearly spawning of frogs. What is on your doorstep and special to you is very subjective so this category will be suitable for a wide range of films.

Check out a submission from Wild Film Fest 2016, “The Little World” from Gary Smith.


Sustainability & Conservation: From small, local conservation projects to large NGOs, conservation is key to maintaining the natural world and protecting the species and resources within it. This category aims to bring stories which highlight how humans are interacting with the natural world in the modern day, from how we can live alongside it sustainably, to actively conserving wild animals and places.

The winning film in the Wild Film Fest 2016 Conservation category was Tom Richard’s “The Drills of Afi Mountain”.


Adventure: In this category, we are looking for films that capture the spirit of adventure. These films do not necessarily require a focus on wildlife. From UK road trips to international expeditions, this category is all about discovering the great outdoors.

Here is the winning submission from the Wild Film Fest 2016 Adventure category, “Will and Lizzie’s Road Trip – The Rutting Season” featuring filmmaker Will Nicholls and CBBC presenter Lizzie Daly.

For information about the rules and conditions of entering the film competition and how to submit, please click here. We look forward to seeing your films!