Wild Film Fest

Wild Film Fest is a celebration of student wildlife storytelling and all things nature! This year we are welcoming students from across the UK to enter their best wildlife films and photographs into the 3rd annual Wild Film Fest!

Our filmmaking and photography competitions provide students with a platform to showcase their hard work and passion for wildlife media.

This year our film competition categories are Conservation, Research, Adventure and Ecology.The winners of these categories will show strong narratives, linked with interesting visuals and cinematographic brilliance, as well as innovation in filmmaking. Click here to find out more about the film competition.

Our photography competition categories are Habitat, Behaviour, Abstract and Smartphone. The winners of these categories will show interesting subject matter combined with strong compositions, and a healthy chunk of good luck! Click here for more information about the photography competition.

We invite you to join us Spring 2017 for an evening celebrating student wildlife filmmaking achievement!